Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nara Rohit Naidu makes Tollywood debut!!!

Coming from a policial family, politics and race for votes, urge to travel bybeacon light cars should have been his natural choice and Assembly or Parliament would have been his inherited destinations. But Nara Rohit, the nephew of Telugudesam Chief Chandrababu Naidu and son of Nara Ramamurthy Naidu chose films over politics. Acting in Ashwini Dutt's film Banam Rohit says it is the passion for films that made him chose celluloidover 'khadi'.

"I have decided to get into movies when I was doing my engineering in Chennai. Though it wasn't my childhood ambition, it occured to me duringmy engineering days that I could be an actor. A lot of my friends told me that I can be an actor. I told my dad about it and he was happy too. When Itold my pedanannna garu (Chandrababu Naidu) about it, he forwarded me to Ashwini Dutt and thats how this movie occured to me" he says.

Rohit says after he decided to enter film world, he learnt dance, fights andeven went for a acting course in New york film academy and a film making course."My dad used to ask me when I was a kid if I wanted to be an actor. I said no then. But when I finished my engineering and told him that I want to bean actor, he was very happy. Everyone in my family were positive about my interest. My uncle Chandrababu Naidu too told me that I should give my 100 per cent to what ever I do and encouraged me. I spent a lot of months working towards pursuing my film career by learning dance, fights, acting and technicalities involved in film making. I approached my uncle once Ithought I was ready for it"

He says his course in film making has certainly helped him understand the 'film language'."Its certainly getting me an idea about the film. I understand thetechnicalities involved and it is a great help. However the greatest challengeis live the charecter I am playing for 52 days of shooting"

Filmnagar rumour mills have been working round the clock spreading newson how Rohit's dad Ramamurthy Naidu got him this film offer for sacrificing the MLA ticket for Chandragiri seat in last elections. Ask Rohit about this, he says, " even I read that somewhere. Its so funny. I laughed it off. This film happened to me last December much before the whole election process began. Its got nothing to do with my dad contesting" he clarifies.

While most of the young actors from film backgrounds complain of pressure from their parents fans, Rohit says he has no such issues since he hails from political family."I broke the tradition and entered films. If I entered politics, perhaps, people would have expected me to talk like my uncle. Since, I am entering a new field, there is no such pressure"

Rohit says his upcoming debut film Banam is an action drama and he is not debuting like any other hero as his movie is a story oriented flick and is notmeant to project him."When Ashwini Dutt asked me what kind of film I wanted to do, I told him that I was interested in story oriented flick. Regular format of introducing ahero to audience includes a lot of him in the movie and story takes a backseat. But I didn't want to do that. My movie is more about the story and direction.This movie will be a perfect kick start for me." he quips.

Nara Rohit also took a few behavioural tips from Balakrishna and otheractors in the family on dos and don'ts in the industry.

He says he used to watch a lot of Tamil films , courtesy his engineering in Chennai and that heis inspired by actor Surya."Surya makes people believe what he is doing is right. He perfectly playsthe roles he takes up and hee is an amazing actor who fits into any charecterso well. In fact there is a lot of experimentation in Tamil. They generally don't accept the same genre of films twice. With the influx of young actors in Tollywood, the new crop of actors is cominig, all of them are wellprepared and they are setting a trend. There is a competetion .The pulse ofTelugu audience is changing and we are getting to see a lot of quality movies" he feels.

While many actors enter politics after their film career, Rohit hails from political background. Does he plan to enter politics soon too? "Till now, I am not interested in politics.I am not too keen on politics. I don't know what will happen in the future. For now, I am focused on my film career" he says it rather diplomatically. "But both in politics and films, the ultimate aim is certainly to get the nod of the people. Both are connected to public" he adds leaving inferences for people to guess.
Ask him what he aims to end up in film industry as?"I dont know. I will let my films speak for themselves." leaving enough room for speculation.

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